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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  August 8, 2016 9:00pm-9:15pm EDT

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will deliver her vision for the economy. we are opening up our phones. you can send us tweets as well. we will show you the immediate reaction from the hillary clinton campaign. dan is a donald trump supporter. dan: we need donald trump. there is no other person for the job. the energy reform, we need to do everything we can to produce our own energy.
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: i have no faith in donald trump. i would like to him to bring his necktie production back to the united states. most of our tax towers go to the military already. i am 100% with donald trump. i think he will make a wonderful president. i think his ideas are great. america needs to be a great nation again. it was founded under god. he is doing what needs to be
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done. we need to know obama and no hillary clinton. why do they keep calling her secretary of state? she's done a lot of damage already. i support mr. trump. host: hillary clinton released a video entitled trump economics. here's a look.
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chris: i just wanted to tell you that i am here in los angeles and every time i see donald trump i can't get any more surprised at the things that he says.
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peopleit so strange that in the 99% of this country would think that a billionaire is going to solve their problems. the speech he gave at the republican convention sounded a really familiar to richard nixon. he is the law and order candidate. it is strange to think that here there in 2016 and you have star of the tv show running for game or alike it's a talk show. lives he'seople's talking about when he talks about getting rid of obamacare.
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he admitted he gets most of his stuff from the new york times and reading the articles. how about running for city council? instead of going right to president. maybe local politics for mr. trump. host: 50 gop officials warned that donald trump would put the nations national security at risk. it was a letter that was written and the signatories include , tom ridge and
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michael chertoff among others. that did not impress the michigan republican who tweeted this, i dislike trump but these of the people whose policies led to reckless wars and unconstitutional spying on america. quinn: he wasn't as entertaining as he was supposed to be. he was reading off a teleprompter. i'm surprised about it.
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it seems like they scared him. he wasn't being himself today. i do like what donald trump is set on a lot of issues. especially obamacare. i believe that needs to go. i don't feel that the medical insurance or dental or whatever they provide is helping anyone. jobs, puttinging america back and putting america first, getting our companies .ack into the united states
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that is crucial. i've seen so many companies go out in this area that i live in. i believe that we need to get them back and start building america again. i can't see chris christie in a trump cabinet. i'm not a big fan of his. parent, i have raised three children. i have one that is disabled. i've never gotten any assistance from the state of new jersey. i've always made about a hundred
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dollars too much. my son is now an adult. i'm looking into what if something happens to me what is his future going to be like? roz: i am a foreigner and i have been voting in this country. thes so sad to see how divisions among the people. we need to do what is good for the country. i worked as a volunteer on the weekends. i never asked for any free ride from this country.
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now i work harder. the one thata persists. i said to my husband why america so consumed by that. i've also the ones that are best for the country. right now i am ready yet. i feel trump's outsider. he can make changes. host: another poll came out today. there was a widening of the lead in the monmouth poll and the
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real clear politics website doesn't average of all the poll numbers. this is the rolling average from hillary clinton versus donald trump. hillary clinton's average lead is 7.4 percentage points. rosario: i am definitely going for trump. i like what he said today. -trying to follow this. i was born in another country. i came when i was a child to this country.
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i'm sorry i am emotional. my children were born here. the government can of schooling. i love the united states and i want to see a strong again. i don't want to see people taking advantage of us. it seems he is the only one who is willing to do this. wherever he goes it is horrible. host: 50 republicans signed a letter opposing donald trump. many fairly well-known republicans. the 50 officials are the ones he's going to get rid of. said: bj: i am a very strong
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donald trump supporter. all the guys in my area where hats that's a trump. i have a couple of different thoughts. i worked up until five years ago and i raise my family and we do not go on welfare but we found out we were poor once we got to where we had some money. we didn't get a raise in our social security because our fingers don't go any place. there giving it an 18% increase. nate: i think it is so amazing the donald trump can offer an economic package that n


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